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Why can you say UK/South African variant but Chinese virus is wrong?

Is ‘Apple podcasts’ the last beacon of big tech free speech?

**Covid-19 pandemic: China 'refused to give data' to WHO team**

"A member of the team accuses China of withholding full data on the early days of the outbreak."

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**The computers rejecting your job application**

"A growing number of firms are using artificial intelligence to pass or fail jobseekers."

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the BOJ and Japan's finance ministry will buy more inflation-linked bonds than will be issued this quarter: Nomura #ZeroHedge #News #Finance #Japan

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Project Veritas Senior Journalist Christian Hartsock confronts NYT Executive Editor Dean Baquet

Thousands of kilometers away from their habitat in #Africa, the hippos started to breed freely in tropical #Colombia.

Three decades later, they have left Hacienda Napoles and spread out some 100 miles east of the city of Medellin in the Antioquia department, dispersing around the Magdalena River basin as their population continues to grow steadily

Colombia in conundrum over Pablo Escobar's hippos

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It's always a little amusing to see reporters using each other as anonymous sources, so they can keep the White House from learning who's tattling on them.

Reporters whine (anonymously) that Team Biden wants to know their briefing questions in advance. #Biden #WhiteHouse

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